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AMWA mourns the loss of health economist Professor Gavin Mooney

AMWA President pays tribute to the late Professor Gavin Mooney

The AMWA Executive Committee and community of members are mourning the loss of health economist Professor Gavin Mooney. His passing is a great loss for the Australian medical community.

AMWA President, Dr Justin Coleman, pays tribute to Professor Gavin Mooney below.

Gavin was one of the finest people I knew. He was the 'leftest' of health economists and worked passionately for social justice in South Africa and Australia, always asking the question 'What will give the best outcome for those with the least?'. Although few in the Indigenous community would know the extent of it, his tireless work behind the scenes influencing health policy over decades helped shape the thinking of various politicians and decision makers in Aboriginal health.

He was my advisor for my Naked Doctor stuff (always for spending less at the top end and more in primary health) and helped set up our Inala Indigenous Health citizens jury. He was also a fine medical writer, having published a dozen books and countless papers. He was a friend of Archie Cochrane and a driver of evidence- based medicine.

- Justin Coleman, President AMWA


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